Welcome!  This site is dedicated to party quilts and their stories, told by the brave men and women  who surrendered their fabric masterpieces to complete strangers, along with uncapped permanent pens.

My two-part series on the topic of Party Quilts appears in the December 2003 and January 2004 issue of
Quilters Newsletter Magazine (
but I have much more show and tell than they could fit. Some of it is here. 

I am writing a book proposal on this topic, and would love to see your party quilt, and hear your story, for possible inclusion. Email me at . I am primarily interested in quilts that were signed and/or decorated at a social gathering.  But  for a different project, I am also interested in hearing Post Office quilt stories (With these, pieces are mailed or distributed to separate individuals, who sign or decorate them and return them to the quiltmaker for assembly). Advice on Post Office quilts is at my other site,



My site features several stories about signed wedding, and Bar and Bat Mitzvah quilts.

I hope this page will serve as as creative stimulation and  resource.
All original designs appearing here are copyright (c) Cathy Perlmutter 1995, 2004, unless otherwise stated. 
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